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4 tháng 11, 2012

Obama or Romney: The Choice Should Be Obvious

Three days before the U.S. presidential election renders its final judgement, the race between incumbent President Barack Obama and his challenger, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, remains tight. While most polls indicate a roughly one percent nationwide advantage for Obama, statistically speaking it is a dead heat. Consequentially, the final stretch is not only keeping the candidates themselves in great suspense but also making interested watchers at home and abroad (like me) rather jittery, perhaps until late Tuesday night.

Thanks largely to the queer Electoral College system, the outcome of this race in all likelihood will be determined by a handful of the so-called "toss-up" states — the unpredictable ones still not leaning toward or solidly in one camp or the other. What this really means in practical terms is undecided voters in those states are holding the fate of the next POTUS (and, by extension, the nation) in their hands. If you are one of them, the task of making the right choice is undeniably onerous and the agony of indecision proves unenviable. And if you are looking for a way to unload the burden, consider this simple proposition: Vote for Obama or be on the wrong side of history.

For full disclosure, I am not a Democrat. In fact, I live in Canada and do not have American citizenship. In my country, your President is a big hit. According to a poll conducted between October 30th and November 2nd, 2012 by a leading provider of public opinion research, if given the ability to vote in the American election, Canadians would overwhelmingly support the President and humble his opponent. Almost nine in ten (86%) Canadians would choose to vote for Obama, while slightly more than one in ten (14%) would cast a ballot for Romney. But mind you, Canada is not a nation of lefty liberals — as evidenced by the fact that we rewarded the Conservatives (a.k.a. Romney's comrades in the far North) with a majority mandate in the last federal election. Although I cannot vote for Obama, I am lending him my support for a number of reasons, but none of which are based on partisanship.

Romney is a master of obfuscation. It is extremely difficult to discern his true intentions on any important issues because they have been utterly contradictory. In an article endorsing President Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Republican-turned-independent, found the current version of Mitt Romney radically different from that of 1994 or 2003 and therefore unworthy of his support. There is also truth in President Clinton's derisive charge that Romney is putting on a "sunny face" of a moderate to cover up his severely conservative mien in hope of closing the deal with voters. Ironically, the exception that seems to give Americans a sense of consistency is based on what Romney revealed behind closed doors: support for the super rich as well as the far right base and dismissal of the so-called 47% Americans who allegedly believe "they are victims" and "the government should have the responsibility to care for them." Hopefully, you have spotted the political chameleon by now.

Surely, Obama has not been a perfect president. His administration has not made any significant progress in a number of areas such as illegal guns, immigration, and deficit reduction. He has not succeeded in building consensus and bipartisan cooperation. But his record of accomplishments outweighs his shortcomings. He has shown determined leadership and taken major steps to tackle climate change. "Obamacare" is an important milestone representing one of the most sweeping health care reforms in almost half a century that will provide affordable medical insurance for those who need it most, namely working families, seniors, and the poor. Credit should also be given to the policies that have placed the U.S. economy on the path of recovery in face of the harsh realities of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and strengthened women's rights and marriage equality despite the incessant ideological onslaught from the Republican Party.

On the foreign affairs front, Obama has restored America's reputation abroad after eight years of worldwide despise and ridicule under the previous administration. Osama bin Laden is now dead and al-Qaeda severely crippled. He has kept his campaign promises to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Multilateralism combined with the "smart power" approach has allowed his administration to build effective diplomatic and military coalitions against brutal dictators like Libyan Moammar Gaddafi and garner tough economic sanctions against Iran. Obama's Asia Pivot strategy has recognized the importance of teaming up with other nations in the region against Chinese bullying while forging a new pan-Asian economic alliance as an alternative to the Chinese model driven by state-sponsored capitalism and rampant corruption.

If success through tough times and adversity is the true test of political leadership, Obama has passed with flying colors. Under his stewardship, America has capably navigated through an extremely difficult economic period and in a most challenging political environment, both nationally and globally, all the while facing an obstructionist Congress.

I rest my case with this final admonition: The choice should be obvious as you are obliged to elect a world leader with clear vision and unwavering commitment who cares for all Americans, not a flip-flop artist who panders to the interests of the wealthy and privileged.

Nam Hải Trường Sơn
November 3, 2012


STDQT nói...

Hehe, bác Nam Hải Trường Sơn viết một bài về bầu cử ở Mỹ quá sá đã. Ngắn gọn mà bao quát cả về đối nội lẫn đối ngoại trong chính sách của 2 ứng cử. Bác ở Canada mà thấu hiểu những dòng chuyển động chính trị của Mỹ quốc rất sâu. Mới đọc cứ tưởng bài viết của một chuyên gia phân tích chính trị nào của Tây vì bài viết viết bằng Anh ngữ, đâu ngờ là bác! Cám ơn bác Nam Hải Trường Sơn nhiều. Mong bác cho ba con thưởng thức thêm nhiều bài ngon cơm như thế này. Thiệt là đã cơn thèm!

Nặc danh nói...

Bài viết thật độc đáo. Chuyên gia phân tích chính trị của Mẽo chưa chắc ai cũng viết được suôn sẻ và sâu sắc như thế này. Nam Hải Trường Sơn lúc nào cũng có nhiều cái khiến thiên hạ ngạc nhiên và thán phục. Cám ơn bạn nhiều .

Nặc danh nói...

Có bác nào dịch giùm sang tiếng Việt cái đi , có nhiều chỗ nhiều chữ tui không hiểu.

Nặc danh nói...

Hehehe đây là loại tiếng Anh toàn mùi bơ không có mùi nước mắm.

Nặc danh nói...

Romney is a flip-flop arist? Well, that's an understatement. In my view, he's outright deceptive. Let's see if he can fool enough Americans tonight. As always, thanks for the insights, Shawn. I checked out your facebook page. It looks awesome.


Nặc danh nói...

Hehe bác NHTS dự đoán cũng chính xác đấy nhé. Romney bị nướng BBQ....

Bob Dubinsky nói...

Excellent article. Succint, yet very rich.

Đăng nhận xét

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